By Sparing Investment Academy


TradeNeon is a fully automated analysis software for the commodity and currency futures markets. Developed by the Sparing Investment Academy team, TradeNeon utilizes various fundamental factors in its market analysis and provides high-quality trading opportunities at a glance to the user.


TradeNeon was created by the Sparing Investment Academy GmbH team and a freelance team of programmers. Idea generator and main developer is Oliver Sparing.

Oliver Sparing

Oliver Sparing, born in 1987, has been working as a trader since 2011. After his studies, he completed an apprenticeship as a precious metals dealer, which brought him into contact with the stock and futures markets for the first time.

Oliver describes himself as “not a natural for trading”. It took a few years and various educational courses to find the right path to constant profitability in trading. “An expert is a person who has made every conceivable mistake himself. That makes me a better trader today and, more importantly, a better teacher.”

Oliver finally found the key to his own trading style through contact with a large trading floor in London. Over the years he has dealt with a wide variety of trading styles and disciplines and can draw on a vast wealth of experience in futures trading.

In 2021 he finally founded his own trading school, the Sparing Investment Academy, in Hamburg. Together with his team, Oliver teaches successful investing, part-time swing trading and professional order book day trading.