Fundamental Analysis Software


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The automated analysis software TradeNeon for swing traders includes various fundamental factors and indicates tendencies for the developing price of the market. Users can effectively optimize their trading systems.


The Dashboard shows the most liquid markets with summaries of the fundamental factors that TradeNeon analyzes. In this way, interesting markets can be identified and filtered quickly and at a glance.

CoT Data

TradeNeon automatically evaluates the CoT data and thus gives you valuable insights into the trading orientation of large institutional traders. By using this software, traders can save up to 3 working hours per week and concentrate on what is important: your trading strategy.

Dry Powder Indicator

The video demonstrates the use of CoT indicators and the Dry Powder indicator in the TradeNeon software to provide traders with valuable information and increase their probability of winning. The video also shows the differences between Dry Powder and OBOS graphs and how to combine both for a comprehensive analysis.

OBOS Price Indicator

The video explains the OBOS graph at TradeNeon, which shows the strength of commodities traders’ positioning based on the thickness of the line, relating long and short open interest and the number of trading institutions to their extreme values ​​of the lookback period.

Open Interest

Open Interest is an important metric for traders and can provide us with useful information! In this video we explain how this indicator works and how you can use it in your trading. TradeNeon software makes it easy for you to understand and use the open interest indicator effectively.

Flow Cube

The Flow Cube indicator is based on the Flow Cube model of eight cubes, which represent different constellations of the parameters price, volume and open interest. It compares the current value of these factors to last week’s value to provide information on price action, conviction and formation.


The video introduces the TradeNeon seasonality indicator, which gives traders a quick overview of seasonal market phases by calculating when a market is trending up or down based on 10-year data. It explains how this indicator is used by professional traders and how to use it effectively in your own trading.

Term structure

TradeNeon visualizes the forward curve clearly structured. The indicator rolls based on volume and only shows contracts that were actually traded the previous day. This gives us a meaningful and easily interpretable curve.

Difference Indicator

TradeNeon’s unique futures curve difference indicator shows traders early changes in the futures structure and the state of the market in relation to backwardation or contango. In this way, we receive early warning signals of possible supply shortages and their resolution.